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Is a dynamic breathwork technique in which you can naturally reach a state of non-ordinary consciousness.

We are releasing emotional, mental & energetic blockages. 

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® _0620_Logo_weiß.jpg

Tap into a deeper state of meditation & explore your inner calling.


Practice strong breathing technique from ancient spiritual traditions, combined with electronic music 

Sandra B.

" I loved Sandra in the position of a room-holder. She did this with lovely & warm presence. She explained everything very well. So it was easy to feel safe & understand how the breathwork technique works. I loved that she used essential oils & touch through the session..."

Nastja K.

" I loved the gentle & calm energy that Sandra brought into the class; breathwork sessions are overall pretty intense so I like when teachers add this softness to the class. I loved the soft & grounding intro -  coming into our bodies immediately at the start of the class."

Laura S.

" I loved that Sandra started with a slow guided breathing circle so that everyone could ground into the space together calmly before explaining the details of the technique. She has a beautiful way to create a safe space with her energy. She prepared the space with incense, blankets & pillows, which made it welcoming and gave everybody a space to arrive and ground themselves from the start. I particularly loved how she used essential oils and touch on the chest and back during the session to provide further comfort. "


𓆃  you feel less anxious

𓆃  you releases toxic emotions such as guilt and shame

𓆃 you are in a better mood and experience a feeling of harmony and lightness, 

   even days after the session

𓆃 emotions don’t overwhelm you anymore you process them faster

𓆃 you look with more excitement and courage into the future


𓆃 we release stress from the body

𓆃 some of you say you feel a reduce in chronic pain

𓆃 we know that breathwork improves immune function by regulation the stress + response among other things

𓆃 it can decrease inflammation, the root cause for many chronic diseases

𓆃 you feel more energy

𓆃 you sleep better


𓆃 altered states can occur such as mystical experiences or spiritual insights

𓆃 you realize an increase in mindfulness and appreciation of life

𓆃 you move beyond your body and mind

Effects of Breathwork & Science

Within PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® you are experiencing a non-ordinary state / a deeper state of meditation. You will experience a shift in your brainwaves which let you travel from a beta wave that we usually experience during day time into slower waves such as alpha & theta.


𓆃 normal day activity, attentive, thinking, making decisions,    

problem solving - but also if in high frequency, feeling agitated, stressed, tense, afraid or obsessive



𓆃 relaxed, reflective, aware and in the present moment 

(meditative / massage state)



𓆃 deeply relaxed, we are open, intuitive, and receptive (hypnotic state). Deep insights or aha movements beyond our normal conscious awareness. This can occur in breathwork, deep meditation or in sleep


PSYCHEDELIC BREATH is a powerful breathwork practice that is not recommended for the following conditions; pregnancy, epilepsy, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, high inner eye pressure, detached retina, clinical anxiety or panic attacks, psychosis, history of stroke, recent surgery. By purchasing a ticket you confirm that you are healthy. 

photo by Sara Ojembarrena

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photo by Sara Ojembarrena

Leaf Pattern Design
Leaf Pattern Design

Conscious - Connected

Centered around conscious connected breathing, it involves a rhythmic pattern that delves into the subconscious, aiming to release emotional blockages. Participants may experience relaxation, heightened self-awareness, and a sense of renewal.The conscious connected breathing is accompanied by introspective techniques, affirmations, and gentle bodywork to enhance the overall experience.


𓆃 potential to help individuals release past traumas
𓆃 reduce stress
𓆃 connects with their inner selves
𓆃 enhanced spiritual connection
𓆃 some practitioners report experiencing a sense of catharsis, leading to a more profound understanding of themselves and their life's purpose


1-To 1

90 min Session


1-To 1

90 min Session

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