“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” - Maya Angelou


What does it mean to bleed each month & how beautiful it can be to be a woman. How amazing I can create my month, working with the gift of my cycle & using each different phase of it to its best. Starting to love your cycle, feeling with the moon. Detoxing your body each month, physically and emotional. Letting go of what does not serve you anymore. 


So many women in this world lose their connection to their natural cycle and see their period as something painful & want to avoid this time. Connected with pain & shame. But there are so many tools for how we can come more in balance with our hormones, with our cycle through ayurveda, through movement, through breath, through nutrition. 


In my work with you, I will give all my heart to let you rebloom your love to your cycle & empower you to be this beautiful woman you were born. 

I will share with you different tools to improve your health, to bring more balance and more connection with yourself. We can work on your imbalance of your hormones & finding step by step ways and tools for each woman individually. 

I will show you different rituals, how you can celebrate your natural cycle & work together with natur to honor to be that power woman. 



1 TO 1 Guidance

4 weeks program in which we will work individual through different tools with your cycle


Group Session

topic changing events / women circle's