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Think about yourself, how often you went over your boundaries, did not listen to your body or your inner limits.

How many times we went over them for someone else and at the end we felt terrible. Often it happens, that we then give someone else the fault. 

BUT how should the persons around us know, what is going on in ourselves or where are our limits. 

They can not smell it, they can not see it. It is up to us to tell them where STOP is and even more up to us to listen to ourselves and accept our limits. 

I really love that topic, so I wanted to explain a bit about that and also the different boundaries we have.

Boundaries are borders for ourselves; they surround each individual's body, spirit, energy, behavior, thoughts and emotions. 

We actually set them to keep our safe space and our self-respect. They let us feel comfortable. 

The human body differentiate between the external and internal boundaries.

What are the external boundaries:

When we talk about the external boundaries, we actually mean the physical and sexual aspects. 

For instance, when a person comes into your personal space and makes you feel uncomfortable. 

When do we talk about internal boundaries? 

When we are protecting our emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. They actually define our personal characteristics like thoughts, feelings, opinions, behaviours, beliefs, spirituality. 

They help us to form our needs, wants and desires. 

It is so important to connect with this boundaries in your body. When you have a healthy relationship with them it allows yourself and others to have their own thoughts, feelings, opinions, behaviours, beliefs. 

I think boundaries are incredible, it is also always possible that boundaries are changing. For instance, in the past you felt safe to hang around with just two people, but now you also have your safe space with five people. They can always change. Like your whole life.

I want to give an example from myself, because I believe sharing is so important. 

I had a time where I was partying a lot. I still love to go out, BUT there was a time when I constantly forced myself to stay longer for someone else. Because either I did not want to go home alone or I want to cuddle and feel another human body next to me. But I constantly overforced myself. And at the beginning, when that started I had to deal with the recovery the whole week, mentally and physically. And that more often I did that, it became not just a week to recover, it became two, and more, till I had a complete emotional break, because I was not listening to my body anymore and I became more and more disconnected to my body. 

So this is why it is so important to put yourself and your needs, wants & desires on first position. That has nothing to do with being selfish, it is your life and you decide if you want to be happy or not.

So it is so important to accept and also appreciate your healthy boundaries. Because may you go over them for someone else, but this person can not help you afterwards to heal. 

May you also have some experiences with that and want to share your story with me. 

You can always text me either here or on INSTAGRAM sandratoscaniyoga



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