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Healing is a never ending story. But even if you feel so much pain, and you think you have to explode -  DO IT. Scream , laugh, jump, dance, freak out. Do whatever feels the right for you to release. There is no right nor wrong. It is a journey, but it is up to you what you are doing out of it . If you feel like releasing or if you feel like sinking in pity. 

The thing for me is, and what I have learned over the years. There are two things that have become  really important for me .

1. Do not compare myself with anyone, we are all individuals, have our own time and own ways to heal & our on truth

2. You are the only person who can make you truly happy and full. 

What does healing mean for me ?

Hmm, I got that question many times last month.

I am having an emotional ride rightnow. 

I went through a break up in Februar with a person I cared about like never before. So when I tell my story as an example I simply just want to show that you are not alone with your feelings. And this is also the reason why sharing is so important for me. 

After the break up, I finally found back to myself.

I was busy the whole last 15 months to help some else, to put all my energy in someone else. And do not understand me wrong, I loved it. This is who I am . 

But in these actions I forget to follow my own dreams. And I finally put all my intention and energy in them again. It felt amazing. I felt finally so strong again. I felt like I was growing so much. 

BUT healing is a process. It takes time and actions. There will be some months where you will feel amazing, but also then it comes the time, where you will feel shitty again. And then allow yourself to let them out. Do not let you tell from anyone that crying is not okay, or that feeling sad is not okay. But do not fall in that hole, where you tell yourself you're not good enough for anything. BECAUSE YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR EVERYTHING! 

I had those days, and first I took it as danger, but I realised, I finally face all the pain. And of course for the moment you will feel weak, but after you will transform that shit to something AMAZING

So I had a really funny moment this morning. 

I was taking an early morning walk to ground myself, was watching the sunrise on the water, listening to beautiful music. And then I took a moment on a park bench, thinking about what I am doing here.

Why do I let the pain become so heavy, instead of transform it. Enough crying for the last days. So I stood up, told myself the only person who can make you happy is yourself, and now it is on time to create, to be creative, to be full of your own love & strengths.

So what I actually wanna say with that story is, that also people, they are already doing so much for themselves, they are practicing so much self love, inner work, energy healing, awareness, we all have feelings and different ways to feel. But we are never alone with that feelings. And healing always takes time. There is no way or solution that tells us how long it takes. It is individual. But it is up to you, if you wanna loose yourself in this pain or if you wanna transform it. 



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