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Leaf Pattern Design

About Me


My journey began in chaos. 

I was insecure with talking in front of people, I oftentimes had panic attacks & not to mention, an issue with self love and self esteem. Better to say I never experienced high self esteem and self-love. 

I, always being attached to men, subconsciously put them in front of me.  A position I should have held for myself.

Carrying the father - wound with me. Always having the feeling I’m not enough. 

Until one day I decided I wanted more from my life, and so my journey began. I started to stand up for ME.  I began to connect with ME. 

I then started my first Yoga Teacher Training (200h Vinyasa Flow & Hatha Yoga), another 300h Kundalini Yoga TTC , after I did my Yin Yoga Teacher Training (30h), my Dance Therapy Education, studied about Self Love, different techniques on selfcare, and the inner workings of myself. 

My biggest passion is working with women and their femininity. But especially with the focus on moon work / cycle work in combinations with ayurveda. Finding understanding in the female body & how everything - emotions, feelings, mind, body - is linked to each other. 

Each woman, in my eyes, is a gift & a superhero for this world. The power of creation & creativity carrying in their womb. 


So, I started my ayurvedic women’s health coach training. Through which I put my focus especially on cycle work, how to balance your different cycle phases, which the right food for each dosha can support & how to change to an individual healthy lifestyle. 

As well, I did my Yoga Teacher Training in Prenatal, Postnatal & “Mama & Baby” Yoga (150 h). Which let me work together with pregnant women, as well supporting women after giving birth as a mother. 

After I lost my Baby, I had to go through a lot of emotions & pain. What I first thought will never stop again. I felt a lot of guilt, shame & was crying all day long. 

I started to practice a lot of different Somatic Movement Techniques combined with Dance & Breathwork - what has been my medicine. Together with talking a lot about my experience with other mothers, they lost their baby. Transforming a topic of shame & guilt into connection & love.

What made me even more connected to the work with women & mothers - being there for each other & supporting one and another. 

I finished my Breathwork Education with Eva Kaczor as a Psychedelic Breath® Teacher. And as well started to connect with Shamanic Breathwork - which is as well a form of dynamic breathing. 

I dive each day more and more into the world of energy - body work & can not even imagine a life without it anymore. 

After my Reiki Master & working with the energy of Kundalini, as well a lot with the secret of the law of attraction - I know everybody here on earth can create their own reality & is able to heal & find deeper purpose in their life. 

I love my job, what does not even feel like work, but more as my passion and mission for life. I work from the deepest point of my heart, combine all my tools and knowledge together.

And finding joy and love in the process to understand yourself on a deeper level.

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